NFL Draft 2024 ‘The Beast’ Guide: Dane Brugler’s scouting reports and player rankings

NFL Draft 2024 ‘The Beast’ Guide: Dane Brugler’s scouting reports and player rankings
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Finally! It’s here. I’m thrilled to share this year’s draft guide with everyone. I don’t remember who first referred to it as “The Beast,” but I use that moniker as motivation to make sure this annual primer lives up to the nickname — and I don’t think I’ve let you down this year.

Every NFL prospect is a puzzle. And it is a scout’s job to find the puzzle pieces to create as clear a picture of each player as possible. Those puzzle pieces include everything from the player’s physical traits to his mental makeup to the details of his upbringing — and everything in between.

That’s precisely how I attack this draft guide. Over the last 18 months, I’ve collected as many puzzle pieces as I could dig up, through countless hours of tape study and conversations with prospects, scouts and other sources.

With NFL-verified testing information for more than 1,900 prospects and tons of background information and analysis on hundreds of those players, I hope everyone views “The Beast” as the most comprehensive resource guide out there for the 2024 NFL Draft.

Special thanks to Chris Burke and our team of editors, as well as our design team, who helped make this year’s draft guide a reality.

“The Beast” is published as a PDF. Download it at the link below using the password: *TH3*B3A$T*2024* 

(Notes: The password can be entered manually or copied and pasted. Include all of the asterisks, including those at the beginning and end of the password.)

DOWNLOAD HERE: Dane Brugler’s 2024 NFL Draft Guide

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